Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Faucet

It may seem like a carefully practical bit of equipment in your kitchen, but truly your faucet is often a noteworthy point of convergence to space.

Usually, sinks and stoves are the central focuses in a kitchen. What's more, a beautifully planned faucet supplements a recently structured kitchen, but can likewise be the perfect finishing contact to a DIY-redesigned on-a-budget kitchen makeover too.

Faucets and hood fans are kind of like the lipstick and mascara of the kitchen. They can perfectly supplement a beautiful space (or face), or they can cover and divert from spaces (and faces!) that might be somewhat less at that point perfect if you recognize what I mean.

 Frankly, I experienced considerable difficulties selecting a faucet for our new kitchen. Also, I completed a ton of research before settling on my official choice. Here are the key components to consider for choosing the right faucet for your kitchen….


Consider your the general style of your kitchen just as the style of the sink that you have chosen. Blending a cast iron farmhouse sink with a too present day faucet may not cooperate except if you are going for a restless or mixed look. Thus, an unequivocally present day pure sink would not suit a conventional scaffold style faucet.


Faucets by and large come in three fundamental finishes: chrome, nickel (or other brushed metal), or bronze. Consider the close-by bureau equipment, just as lighting and other metal finish in the space. It doesn't all need to coordinate precisely but pick a faucet whose finish functions admirably with different finishes in the space. Because I picked chrome and nickel finishes all through the space in the bureau equipment and lighting, I chose a chrome faucet to supplement these finishes.

Spout height and reach

Faucets with a high circular segment are very on pattern nowadays… but you have to consider the measure of room you have over your sink. If you have low cabinets or retires over the sink, you may not want the circular segment to be excessively high. Something else to consider is the span of your sink… . an extensive sink may require you to choose a faucet with a bigger reach. The farmhouse sink that we chose is very wide and profound, so choosing a faucet that had a shower alternative that would reach every one of the sides of the sink easily was basic.

Sprayer options

A sprayer on a faucet is an amazing device… a great sprayer can remove a wide range of gunk and chaos for you, and it likewise can keep your sink cleaner. Often faucets with a different side splash are not as helpful or compelling as a sprayer that is incorporated with the faucet itself. A few faucets, for example, the one we picked, even have a little button on the faucet head to kill the shower on and making this element excessively helpful and simple to use.

Number of holes

If you are revamping or updating your kitchen and keeping an old sink you may need to consider what number of holes your sink has. Many single stem faucets do accompany an extension piece so as to cover additional holes but make certain about that before selecting your faucet. Likewise, different styles of faucets may have their holes in different spots – so just ensure that your sink and faucet will cooperate.

Number of handles

Customary faucets may accompany two handles to use so as to control water flow and temperature. I for one cherish this style for my restrooms but lean toward one handle for the kitchen. I imagine that when you are working in your kitchen you need water a great deal more much of the time then you do in the washroom – and you need the temperature and water flow to be more promptly accessible and controllable while you are cooking.

One extra factor to consider while selecting a faucet with one handle is the way far back the handle reaches. We had our ledge organization ensure that the extension behind our sink was sufficiently wide with the goal that the faucet would be put forth from the trim. Generally, the handle would have been crashing onto the trim every time we swung it to hot, and it would eventually scratch and harm the trim work.


Try not to spend nearly nothing (like, less than $100 ish) or you may bargain quality… and supplanting your faucet inside two or three years can be a genuine disappointment. From most of the audits and research that I read, you ought to have the capacity to get a decent quality and upscale faucet somewhere close to the $100 – $300 mark. The Miseno faucet that we chose from Build.com sells for $240-250, right on target with my exploration.

Love is all you need

With all these reasonable considerations represented, it comes down to choosing a faucet that you adore and need to take a gander at every day. Like everything else, if you don't LOVE it, don't get it. Else you will finish up being disillusioned and need to supplant it before you can figure out how to destroy it.

 With every one of these tips considered, the faucet that we eventually settled on is the Miseno MK 500 faucet from Build.com. It is a business style (likewise once in a while called 'eatery style') kitchen faucet with pre-flush abilities. I cherish it! The effortlessness of the structure supplements the treated steel sink that we picked. It is extremely simple to keep clean because of the straight lines of the base, and it is additionally easy to control the temperature because it has a solitary handle style temperature control. The sprayer is amazing – it is sufficient that it cleans your dishes actually altogether even before you hand-wash them or put them through the dishwasher. I am completely satisfied with it, and furthermore happy that I did my exploration so I feel sure that I chose the perfect faucet for our new kitchen.