KitchenAid Mixer Bowl Cover

Kitchen Mixer Bowl Cover, Sew a cover as your Kitchenaid mixer bowl to remain out residue and morsels. Your mixer will dependably be prepared to utilize. She chose bloggers to create a task among the new texture she planned. You can discover the Fork It above texture at Spoonflower. A major thank you to Laura as sending me a fat quarter of her too charming texture to create along.


Kitchenaid Mixer Bowl Cover

I had such a large number of thoughts on how to manage the present texture. I thought it is charming to adorn a kitchen towel with a segment of the texture, or unbroken create a sweet cover among it. At last, I chose to create a cover as my KitchenAid mixer bowl.

I cherish my KitchenAid mixer bowl. As long as the particular of you who have one can bear witness to, they are somewhat cumbersome and genuinely substantial. My cupboards in my kitchen are not huge. The main spot I can store my mixer out of site is in a bureau above my head, and that simply isn't sheltered! So it sits out on my counter constantly. What's more, after all, it sits out constantly, within the bowl can obtain dusty and sustenance morsels can fall towards it among employments. I don't care as washing out the bowl inevitably! A fat quarter is an ideal size to create a KitchenAid mixer bowl cover as yourself.

KitchenAid Mixer Bowl Cover

Supplies required:

  • KitchenAid stand mixer among bowl
  • A fat quarter of the texture
  • 1/4″ flexible
  • Sewing machine and planning string
  • Cut Texture

Initially, you will apportion how huge you require your hover to be. Spot your bowl, top side under onto the off-base side of your texture. Utilizing a compass, fix the separation among the point and the pencil to be everywhere 2 inches. Utilizing the purpose of the compass as a guide, follow everywhere the exterior edge of your bowl.

Utilize a compass to the textured circle

After all, your bowl might be marginally various than the one I have, I am sharing general headings on a great way to obtain a decent estimation as your definite bowl.

Make Bended Trim

I discover a supportive indication as stitching a bend of texture at By Hand London. The strategy I built my stitch was the initial recorded. After all, my flexible was 1/4″ wide, I needed a sew that wound up being 3/8″ wide. It is exactly somewhat greater than the versatile. Begin by sewing a straight line everywhere the whole hover at 3/8″. Utilizing the fastens as your guide, spin in your sew and iron.

Utilizing sewed edge as a guide - press stitch in

Rehash the present progression, the present time utilizing the pressed edge as your manual as assistance spin the texture in as the subsequent time. I bring about prescribe sticking as you go to remain all thing fix up. You may require to assemble your texture a small along the back, after all, you have bent edges.


Sew as near the collapsed edge as put up be expected under the circumstances. Create certain to leave an inch or two free toward the conclusion to have the option to embed your elastic. Sew around the edge of the texture near the collapsed sew edge.

Include Versatile

Utilizing the top edge of your bowl as a guide, calculate how enough versatile you will require. I extended the versatile everywhere the top edge and cut it. You need the flexibility to be entirely tight everywhere the bowl. To include your versatile, begin by pulling a self clasping pin and sticking it to one end of your flexible. Slide the self-locking pin between your opening in your texture stitch. It is a lot simpler to pull the self clasping pin everywhere within the trim than the slender flexible.

Utilize a self-locking pin to string flexible through the fixed edge

Whenever you obtain everywhere to the opposite side, you will utilize your sewing machine to connect the two finishes of the versatile jointly. You can utilize a straight line or a crisscross line as this.